Hon. Minister Prasanna Ranathunga
Ministry of Urban Development & Housing

Who We Are

  • The investment arm of the Government
  • We strive to promote private investments to achieve sustainable economic growth
  • We aim to bring about socio-economic benefits via employment opportunities, productivity, and knowledge sharing
  • We facilitate and encourage foreign investments in order to boost foreign exchange inflows

What We Do

  • We establish Private Public Partnerships with potential investors
  • We focus investments on a wealth creation model to the Government
  • We promote off-balance sheet capital structuring via separate holding SPVs
  • We offer full turnkey and value added services with pre and post-contact support
  • We provide opportunities for strategic investors with global management expertise to restructure our asset portfolios.

Why Select Us

  • We create the right investment climate to invest in state owned asset portfolios
  • We have been bestowed with the task of transforming key underperforming and underutilized state-owned assets into top profitable units
  • We can seamlessly leverage public and private sector synergies
  • We promote good corporate governance and encourage partnerships with international management expertise

Message From The Chairman

On behalf of Selendiva Investments, I welcome you to our official company website. I hope it meets your expectations, provides clarity on areas that are of your interest, and paves the way for you to discover further about our purpose, services, and aspirations.

Selendiva Investment is a newly established entity that opened its doors to potential investors such as yourself in the year 2020. Young, but rich in expertise, our entity was set up with the aim to transform state-owned enterprises into commercially viable and financially independent enterprises to make them productive, thereby contributing to the national economy.

Selendiva Investments is a limited liability company incorporated under the Company Act No 7 of 2007 with a Board of Directors appointed by the Government Treasury to achieve the above objective. Selendiva is equipped with a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals who steer the company by providing the necessary guidance and leadership.

Our Investment Portfolio

Selendiva Hotels and Leisure

Selendiva Hotels and Leisure

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Selendiva Heritage

Selendiva Heritage

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Selendiva Genesis

Selendiva Genesis

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